About Clifton Park

Clifton Park is a charming community green space nestled into St. Louis’ Clifton Heights neighborhood. The park, what many call the “crown jewel of Clifton Heights”, hosts a lake that’s home to migrating ducks and geese, two beautiful fountains, a viewing deck and a boat house. Mature trees dot the sweeping landscapes of the park and flowers add cheer in every nook and cranny. There is a recreational area in the park as well with a basketball hoop and playground.

No matter the season, it seems the neighbors always have a reason to spend time in this wonderful, hidden St. Louis park. Sledding and ice skating in the winter; kite flying and frisbee the warm months of the year – the park is always full of life.

About Clifton Heights

Parks in St. LouisLocated in southwest St. Louis City, Clifton Heights is a somewhat isolated neighborhood located immediately west of Hampton at the edge of I-44.

The character of the area is different from most of St. Louis. Its winding, romantic streets are centered around Clifton Park, with the city’s largest concentration of Victorian frame dwellings perched on the hills above. The Victorian stylings seem to flow down through Clifton Park from the surrounding neighborhood creating winding walkways that all lead toward the lake that serves as the heart of the park.

Many people living in the neighborhoods call it a “little Mayberry.” The quiet, small-town atmosphere that pervades the area is in striking contrast with the busy thoroughfares and highways that border it.

History of Clifton Park

In 1885, Julius Pitzman, an eminent surveyor and city planner known for his development of Forest Park and many of the private gated neighborhoods in St. Louis City, surveyed the land that would become Clifton Park. Clifton Park (and the Clifton Heights neighborhood) was likely his first experiment with romantic street patterns.

Believe it or not, Clifton Park was initially a swampy wilderness. Neighborhood trustees drained and cleared the area to create the park. Clifton Park was privately owned until 1912, when it was donated to the city. Eventually, the city bought adjoining property to the south and east, enlarging the park to its current size of 4.4 acres.

About the Friends of Clifton Park

The Friends of Clifton Park was formed in June of 2013 by a group of neighborhood volunteers who wished to ensure the park would remain beautiful and vibrant for generations to come. After all,  the park is a great source of pride and community for all that live in the neighborhood. In fact, many newer residents have shared that it played a primary role in their decision to move to the neighborhood.

Friends of Clifton Park is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are considered tax-deductible to the extent allowed by federal tax law.


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