There are lots of ways you can help us out! Send us an email to sign up for one of these Friends’ groups:

Friend-Raising (membership)

  • help us find new “Friends”!
  • help us keep track of old “Friends”!
  • help us send thank you notes to “Friends,” old and new!

Park Pals (park clean-up/planting)

  • help us keep the garden areas of the park beautiful and healthy!
  • helps us keep the park clean and safe!

Fun(d) Friends (grants)

  • help us find and apply for grant opportunities to fund our park improvements and maintenance!

Fun-Raising (special events)

  • help us plan fun, family-friendly events and activities in the park!

The Grand Plan Team

  • an ad hoc committee of “real troopers” seriously dedicated to the strategic development of a long-range plan for the park
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